After studying German Biological Medicine and witnessing the results, it became a passion and mission for MPI to share and provide this beneficial knowledge. These protocols have been utilized for over one hundred and fifty years and it is our privilege to share this knowledge with health care professionals in the United States. We are committed to provide on-going education, practical workshops and seminars to professionals, sharing the great knowledge of Biological Medicine.

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Our retail products are directly available to consumers and can be easily purchased from the Marco Pharma website. Our current retail products include Wow Drops, Acusine Nasal Spray, Contessa Homeopathic Female Tonic


American Renaissance in Biological Medicine

A standard component of all German Naturopathic College curricula is the learn about pharmaceutical companies and their natural medicines. Whether homeopathic or herbal, these natural formulas have been essential in German for many decades. Due to their proven effectiveness, these medicines are the core element of German Naturopathic Education.

There were very few natural remedies available in 1983 when Andreas Marx, a German Naturopath was invited to the U.S. to lecture on Biological Therapy Protocols and EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll; also known as Electro-Dermal Screening). When he started practicing in California, he was forced to import remedies in order to treat his patients using the German protocols.

Importing large quantities of the German remedies became difficult, impractical, and expensive. So, Dr. Andreas Marx, Ana Marx, and Isaac Conyers III organized Marco Pharma International, LLC to make these remedies available to health professionals throughout the United States. The first shipment from Germany arrived in 1991, marking the start of Marco Pharma International.

Making the remedies available was not enough - American health professionals also looked to for training.  Dr. Marx devised and offered lectures, seminars, and training classes to teach proper administration of the German therapies and to establish recognition for Marco Pharma throughout the United States since 1983.

Thanks to the knowledge, experience, expertise, and effective remedies developed over centuries by the German naturopathic community, Marco Pharma International is thriving. We are nationally recognized for our distribution of fine remedies and for providing outstanding education of the German Biological Medicine to health professionals.