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Learn more about our training seminars and how to discuss natural healthcare with new or returning patients.

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Supplying direct-to-buyer products to provide natural relief from a variety of ailments.

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Get educated about everything from drainage therapies to Germany’s historic role in the development of our natural remedies.

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Our professional site walks through in-depth product details and best practices for speaking with patients.

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High Quality Products Are Our Commitment

Our discipline is honed from trusted German naturopathic philosophies and we curate our remedies from around the world. At Marco Pharma, it’s not about simply selling a product, it’s about selling a product that we know will make you feel better naturally. We produce the highest quality remedies for practitioners and patients alike, and hope to provide everyone with the knowledge they need to move forward on their path towards natural wellness.

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Drainage Therapies

Improving Circulation & Removing Toxins

In the 1980’s, Dr. Andreas Marx introduced the concept of German Drainage Therapies to America. Many symptoms result from buildup of cellular wastes in conjunction with poor circulation in organs and organ systems. Poor circulation can restrict the passage of nutrients to the cells and drainage of cellular wastes, which leads to toxic buildup. Drainage therapies help to cleanse toxic buildup from your body, improving circulation and removing harmful waste.

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