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MarcoSport Blue

Relief for Muscle and Joint Pain


MarcoSport Blue - Cooling Gel was designed as a topical anti-inflammatory and has an effect similar to that of an ice pack. It has been successfully tested for years in sports medicine and provides support for muscles and acute trauma. MarcoSport Blue contains a combination of essential oils including spruce, pine, and firs. While it cools, it increases circulation and therefore has an anti-inflammatory effect. Other active ingredients are melilot herb extract, menthol, aloe vera gel, and cumarin (an important ingredient in melilot, which gives hay its pleasant smell). Preparations made of melilot have been tested and proven to reduce pain when applied to sprains and contusions.

Menthol, from the essential oil of peppermint, creates a refreshing, cool feeling on the skin. It is included as an aid against swelling due to injuries. Aloe vera gel was added to supply the lower layers of the skin with lasting moisture.

Use for: Aching or swelling muscles and joints. Use in place of an ice pack. Ideal after exercise.



MarcoSport Green

For Pain in Muscles and Joints


MarcoSport Green - Massage Cream is formulated to relax muscles and prevent soreness after extensive workouts. This product has established itself as an excellent massage cream because of its quick absorption rate and the fact that it does not stain or discolor skin or clothing. MarcoSport Green - Massage Cream also provides support for softening scar tissue and can support the reduction of stretch marks.

Oils, such as rosemary, and wheat gliadins extracted in a special gentle process have a regulating effect on the skin as a protective barrier against microorganisms and pollutants. Glycerin prevents dryness and promotes smooth, supple skin. This highly absorbable product also contains traditional oils of nutmeg, juniper, clove, and bay rum.

Use for: Chronic pain, muscle relaxant, aching muscles, sore joints, and body massages.



MarcoSport Red

Prevent Muscle and Joint Pain


The uniquely formulated MarcoSport Red - Warm Up Cream is the ultimate warm-up cream. This cream provides preventative action when applied prior to sports activities and helps to maintain and protect joints from sprains and strains.

Capsicum extract used in this cream is made from ripe fruits of cayenne pepper. Other active ingredients are rosemary oil, wintergreen oil, and camphor, which are known to effectively increase circulation. Aloe vera gel was added to supply the lower layers of the skin with lasting moisture.

To achieve an even stronger effect, MarcoSport Red and MarcoSport Green body creams can be used together.

Use for: Joint and muscle ache, before exercise warming cream.



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Marco Pharma International carries a hand-selected collection of products from 15 different manufacturers, carefully chosen by physicians with experience in biological therapies. We import medicines from Germany and the Pacific Islands and are proud to report that all of our remedies are pharmaceutical grade, standardized, and registered with their respective medical regulatory agencies. This means each active ingredient is always present in the same concentration, as tested via high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). At Marco Pharma, we bottle and label our homeopathic medicines in Oregon’s scenic Umpqua Valley.