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Supplier of the finest products in Homeopathic Medicine, Herbal Extracts and Nutrients which are sourced from around the world.



At Marco Pharma International (MPI), we bring the wisdom of nature to natural healing.

Just like plants, our bodies need access to proper nutrients and a healthy environment. From poor food choices to environmental influences like chemicals, industrial pollutants, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), parasites, and more, patients need assistance in maintaining good health.

Based on the philosophies of German biological medicine from over 150 years and a proven track record of results, it was the passion of our founders to bring these biological remedies to the United States.

Our remedies are pure products harvested from global medicinal gardens. We easily bring the concept of farm-to-pharmacy to professional practitioners and their patients through our homeopathic medicines, herbal extracts, and nutrients.


Our Mission

To provide the most effective natural remedies from around the world to our partner practitioners...

We import the highest quality products from 15 different manufacturers from around the world. These products were specially selected by physicians and pharmacists with extensive experience in biological medicines. Our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, standardized and registered with their respective medical regulatory agencies.