Why Choose Marco Pharma?

The finest quality products packaged right here in the USA.

Marco Pharma International carries a hand-selected collection of products from 15 different manufacturers, carefully chosen by physicians with experience in biological therapies. We import several different kinds of medicines from Germany and the Pacific Islands. We are proud to report that all of our remedies are pharmaceutical grade, standardized, and registered with their respective medical regulatory agencies. This means each active ingredient is always present in the same concentration, as tested via high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). At Marco Pharma, we bottle and label our homeopathic medicines in Oregon’s scenic Umpqua Valley.



Improving Circulation & Removing Waste.

Many disease-related symptoms result from a buildup of cellular wastes (metabolites) caused by poor circulation in a particular organ or organ system. All cells are surrounded by connective tissue. When left untended, toxic buildups can form on the connective tissue that obstructs the passage of nutrients through to the cells, further hindering drainage of cellular wastes. Maintaining regular circulation can help you to avoid these disease-related symptoms by clearing the buildups before they form.

The Nestmann formulas are among the strongest drainage remedies available and are widely preferred by German practitioners. They have been prescribed with proven efficacy throughout the last century. The advantage of Nestmann’s liquid extractions is the absorbability of the remedies; they are absorbed into the bloodstream regardless of the condition of the intestinal tract.

About Marco Pharma

Our story of natural remedies.

Our mission at Marco Pharma is to provide distribution of pure homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements to wellness-focused individuals and healthcare professionals.

We do this by sourcing, packaging, and providing products that meet the needs of healthcare professionals everywhere. All of our registered practitioners are provided with product information and training to ensure the proper use of our products.

We appreciate our relationships with our healthcare practitioners. While the logistics of importing products from across the world and coordinating the distribution of those products nationwide are challenging, our mission is to be committed to holistic healthcare.