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Why Choose Marco Pharma?

Because it works.

The remedies and protocols carried by Marco Pharma have been selected based on proven results.  Our discipline is honed from German naturopathic philosophies and we curate our remedies from around the world.  At Marco Pharma, it's not about simply selling a product, it's about selling a protocol that we know will work.  We produce the best quality remedies for practitioners and provide them with the knowledge and tools that allow them to do more with less.



Improving Circulation & Removing Toxins.

In the 1980's, Dr. Andreas Marx introduced the concept of German Drainage Therapies to America.  Many symptoms result from buildup of cellular wastes (metabolites) in conjunction with poor circulation in organs or organ systems.  The connective tissue, also called the Basic System or Matrix, is the glue to bond all body cells together.  Poor circulation will restrict the passage of nutrients to the cells and drainage of cellular wastes, which leads to toxic buildup.  A drainage formula has to consist of two major characteristics. 

1. Increase circulation in an organ or organ system.

2. The ingredients have to contain chemical active substances.

A simple example is coffee.  The chemical substance is caffeine which increases the pulse rate and vascular circulation.

The Nestmann formulas are among the strongest drainage remedies available and are widely used by German practitioners throughout the last century. The advantage of Nestmann's liquid extractions is the superior absorbability into the bloodstream regardless of the condition of the digestive tract.

About Marco Pharma

Marco Pharma International carries a collection of Supplements, Herbals and Homeopathic remedies from 14 different manufacturers, chosen by physicians and pharmacists with experience in biological medicines. We import from Germany, the Pacific Islands and also manufacture in the United States. Our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, standardized, and registered with their respective medical regulatory agencies. Marco Pharma International (MPI) is an Oregon based Company.